Chocolate workshop - discover chocolate's journey from the tree to you

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    Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made?

    Are the rumours true? Does chocolate come from fruit?

    How does a bitter cacao beans turn into delicious pure chocolate??

    We're offering several chocolate making workshops were you will learn about: 
    1. The raw ingredient of chocolate - cacao
    2. Where it’s grown and who grows it
    3. How it’s fermented and dried
    4. How the beans are roasted
    5. Nutrition value of cacao beans and their shells
    6. How cacao turns into bulk chocolate 
    7. How to temper bulk chocolate
    8. What chocolate tastes like at the different stages of production cacao butter, white, milk, dark & 100%
    9. Who’s behind the scenes making Bowral Pure Chocolates
    10. Bowral Pure Chocolate's range
    11. A video of behind the scenes - why you need to read the nutritional label!

    Bowral Pure Chocolates is hosting Chocolate making workshops presented by Award Winning Chocolate Makers Mark and Annette Muller. You will be able to see, smell, taste chocolate throughout its journey to a finished product.

    We have limited spaces so if you would like to discover the world of chocolate register now below.

    Sessions: limited to 15 people
    Cost: $25 per person
    Takeaways: each attendee will receive one 80g bar of their choice and a profound understanding of where chocolate comes from and how it is made

    Daily sessions from 8th - 12 April

    9.30am - 11am

    Register now at Register now - Chocolate Making Workshops – Bowral Pure Chocolates